Ensemble Passacaglia presents “Music to Our Ears” in Woods Hole

The early music group Ensemble Passacaglia will present “Music to Our Ears,” a program of medieval, renaissance and world music on Sunday, June 3, at 3 PM at Church of the Messiah, 22 Church Street, Woods Hole. This concert was originally scheduled for March 3, but had to be postponed due to the storm that caused widespread power outages in the area on that date.

Founded in 2001, Ensemble Passacaglia is the Upper Cape’s premier early music quartet, performing on authentic period instruments with occasional forays into traditional music from around the globe. This program will combine early European music in the classical vein with traditional pieces from Ireland, England, Bulgaria, Turkey and Brazil and a few contemporary tunes. Many are dance pieces: lively galliards, flowing waltzes, and eastern European dances in “crooked” rhythms. Also featured are several of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, a royal collection of 400 ancient Spanish melodies ranging from slow and contemplative to wildly energetic.

Members of Passacaglia are: Jan Elliott on recorder, crumhorn, cornamuse and concertina; Tom Hanna on lute, guitar, bouzouki and mandolin; Molly Johnston on viola da gamba; and Lisa Esperson on riqq, darbuka, tar, tabor, tambourine, bells and nakers.

Passacaglia aims for performances that are historically and culturally informed while emphasizing contemporary freshness and cross-cultural influences.

The suggested donation is $15. For more info contact Ensemble Passacaglia, 540-0865, passacaglia@solsticesingers.org; or Church of the Messiah, 508-548-2145, messiahfisher@comcast.net; or visit: http://www.solsticesingers.org/passacaglia.htm.

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