Solstice Singers

Solstice Singers 012

The Solstice Singers celebrated their 20th anniversary with “To Drive the Cold Winter Away,” on the winter solstice, December 21 and 22, at the Woods Hole Community Hall. The Solstice Singers were joined by the early music ensemble, Passacaglia; the youth chorus, Les Enfants du Soleil; and the sword dancing troupe, the Vineyard Swordfish.

It was a splendid, colorful, and engaging performance by all. Rather than try to describe it, I will share it with you. This is the video I took of the event for Falmouth Community Television. Enjoy!

Solstice Singers 004

The hall was decorated in medieval-looking tapestries.

Solstice Singers 015

Passacaglia: Tom Hanna on lute, Molly Johnston on viola da gamba, Jan Elliott on recorder, and, behind Molly, Lisa Esperson on percussion.

Solstice Singers 023

Solstice Singers 025

Les Enfants du Soleil

Solstice Singers 032

The Vineyard Swordfish

Solstice Singers 042

Solstice Singers 013

Solstice Singers 045

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