Woods Hole Film Festival: “Losing Control”

August 3, 2011

“Losing Control” A quirky romantic comedy, with a bit of scientific method and international intrigue thrown in, “Losing Control” will be screened at 7 PM on Thursday, August 4, in Redfield Auditorium.

Director Valerie Weiss has a doctorate in biophysics from Harvard University, where Samantha, the main character in her film, is a graduate student. Samantha has been absorbed in science all her life, but is frustrated by the continued failure of her graduate project.

Her graduation depends on the success of her experimental solution, Y-Kill, that kills sperm cells containing disease-bearing Y chromosomes. As she nears graduation, she begins to doubt whether her boyfriend is really the one for her, and devises a scientific control study to date other men to find out.

The two story lines come together in surprising ways in this fun and endearing film.

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