Woods Hole Film Festival: “Everyday Sunshine”

August 3, 2011

“Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” Directed by Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler, “Everyday Sunshine” will be screened tonight at 7 PM in Redfield Auditorium. It is the story of Fishbone, an African-American alternative rock band considered one of the distinctive and influential bands of all time.

Founded in 1979 in Los Angeles by brothers John Norwood Fisher (bass, vocals), his brother Phillip “Fish” Fisher (drums), and Angelo Moore, “Dr. Mad Vibe” (vocals, saxophones, theremin), the band plays what has been described as a fusion of ska, punk rock, funk, heavy metal, jazz, hip-hop, and pop. Sometimes they are all in one song.

Other band members have included Kendall Jones (guitar), “Dirty” Walter A. Kibby II (vocals, trumpet), and Chris Dowd (keyboards, trombone, and vocals).

The band “had this idea that we could be a pure democracy,” which led to the multiple styles and mix of music, and to problems within the band.

The film not only traces the band’s history, but looks at racial issues in Los Angeles. Busing for racial integration is what brought the band members together at a white school, where their time together is recreated through humorous animated cartoons.

Even if you have never heard of Fishbone, this is an entertaining and absorbing film about the ups and downs of a rock band and its very individual members, full of energy, music, and cultural commentary.

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