Falmouth Art Market Features Artists, Crafters, and the Music of Country Flavored on Thursday, August 29

Falmouth Art Market Features Artists, Crafters, and the Music of Country Flavored on Thursday, August 29

The Falmouth Art Market will feature music by Country Flavored, on Thursday, August 29, along with an array works by artists and craftspeople. The event, the last ArtMarket of the season, takes place noon to 5 PM at Falmouth Marine Park, 180 Scranton Avenue, on Falmouth Harbor. Country Flavored will perform from 2 to 4 PM. Visitors are encourage to bring a chair or blanket.

Country Flavored features, from left, 

Country Flavored plays traditional country music and modern folk music with a country twist. Roger Rebeiro and Frank Carotenuto play guitar and sing, while Ben Carnevale plays pedal steel guitar. In addition to their original tunes, they play ballads and swinging honky tonk numbers by George Jones, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams and other older country songwriters, as well as songs by The Mavericks, Wayne Hancock, and Bruce Springsteen.

The ArtMarket is organized by Jane Parhiala, a member of board of the Falmouth Cultural Council, which sponsors the summer-long event, Marilyn Rowland, and Sandra Faxon. All are also vendors at the ArtMarket.

Parhiala is a weaver, creating woven runners, wall hangings, towels, pillows, bags, cloth, and peace flags. The yarns are soft, often handspun, and the colors are subtle hues of secondary and tertiary colors—soft purples, lavenders, greens, golds, and orange, as well as natural and neutral shades of yarn.

“I love the colors of the threads and the textures. I love putting colors together; the harmony gives me joy,” said Parhiala. “I also love the natural shades of wool, the greys and whites. I like beauty, coordinating colors, and making beautiful things.”

Parhiala took up weaving after retirement. “It’s the perfect thing for me,” she said. “This is my life—textiles, colors, and textures. And I love it.”

Rowland makes “fun and festive beach-inspired jewelry” from semiprecious beads, stones, glass and ceramic beads, and metal. She was introduced to beading while serving in VISTA on the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux reservation (now the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Lake Traverse reservation) in South Dakota. She took it up again with her children when they were little. But it was only about four years ago, after across some beads she bought in Cambridge, MA, 40 years ago, that she decided to take her fascination with jewelry-making seriously.

“I am drawn to the blues and greens and beiges of the ocean and beach, the colors of turquoise, lapis lazuli, and many other beautiful stones and gemstones,” she said, “I enjoy adding whimsical elements like silver starfish and smiling fish and combining beads in different ‘rhythms,’ much like a musical composition.” Rowland also plays flute in the Falmouth Town Band, whose concerts follow the ArtMarket on Thursday evenings, and cello in the Cape Community Orchestra.

Rowland is currently experimenting with painted metal pieces. She makes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and bookmarks.

Sea birds, monkfish, turtles, frogs, crabs, octopi, and squid—whimsical cut-paper collage and water color sea creatures of all kinds—are found at Sandra Faxon’s booth at the Art Market. Faxon works in a variety of media, and in a variety of styles, from abstract to whimsical to realistic.

Besides the sea creatures, visitors will find scenes of the Falmouth Road Race, Woods Hole, sailboats, and beaches, loveable pets, and abstract designs. Faxon describes her collages as “painting with scissors” and uses different types of vividly colored hand-painted and her own hand-made papers.

Her inspirations clearly come from her surroundings. “I live in a wonderful location and know a lot of people who are artists and scientists and interested in nature and music and dance,” she said.

The Falmouth ArtMarket is sponsored by the Falmouth Cultural Council. For more information on the ArtMarket, visit www.falmouthartmarket.com or www.facebook.com/FalmouthArtMarket.

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