Cape Spin Sneak Preview

“Cape Spin: An American Power Struggle” was previewed at several local film festivals this summer.

The documentary seeks to tell the complicated story of Cape Wind, the $2.6 billion project to build 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound. The strong support for the windfarm from environmentalists wanting to support alternative and renewable energy resources was and is balanced by possibly stronger opposition from citizens and environmentalists who fear adverse impacts to the marine environment, birds, fishing, and the visual environment.

Filmed over the course of several years, the film documents the divisiveness of the project, as neighbors are pitted against neighbors, and interest groups (environmentalists of all stripes, politicians, businesspeople, fishermen, Native Americans, lobbyists, and activists) fight amongst each other, all presenting their own arguments, data and interpretations.

The film does not choose sides–it finds humor in both–and it does not offer solutions. What it does is provide a compelling glimpse into the environmental and political decision-making process, and it should be of interest not only to those on the Cape, but to all communities and decision makers considering wind energy options.

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