James Judd Puts On A Great Show

June 19, 2009

I smiled all evening, except when I was laughing. San Francisco comedian James Judd is in Falmouth this weekend presenting his one-man show, “7 Sins,” at the Woods Hole Community Hall (sponsored by the Woods Hole Theater Company.)

Judd kept everyone laughing uproariously throughout his 90-minute show. He is not a stand-up comic so much as a story-teller and actor, animating the true and very funny stories of his life. He is intelligent, articulate, and original, and weaves his stories together creatively, from his fifth-grade book report contest to his summer job watching and acting out soap operas for his mom, to his days as a defense attorney and a writer of self-help legal books.

Speaking directly to the audience, without a microphone, Judd seemed like an old friend, a very funny old friend, who had come to regale us with his funny stories. There are sound and lighting effects, and yards of fabric hang down to decorate the stage.

The show continues this Friday and Saturday night. It is a very amusing evening out.

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