Falmouth Art Market Features Tom Goux/John Dirac and the Sonnay Fiddlers on Tuesday, July 16

2013-07-02 Falmouth Art Market Max RedfireThe Falmouth Art Market will feature music by Tom Goux and John Dirac and by the Sonnay Fiddlers on Tuesday, July 16, along with an array of fine art, crafts, and community information. The event takes place Town Hall Square, in front of Falmouth Town Hall on Main Street, from 2 PM until dusk every Tuesday afternoon through August 27.

Tom Goux and John Dirac will sing songs from the American Songbook from 3 to 5 PM.

Goux is a vocalist, folk instrumentalist, and musicologist, who is known for his love of New England maritime history and folklore. He plays concertina, guitar, ukulele, and recorder. Goux has performed at concerts, festivals, and workshops across the country and has recorded for Smithsonian Folkways and the Whaling City Sound and directed and performed in numerous groups.

Dirac plays guitar and bass, sings, composes and arranges music. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, he plays a wide range of musical styles, including jazz, classical, blues, be-bop, flamenco, and folk music, and has recorded a number of instrumental CDs.

The Sonnay Fiddlers will play traditional and international tunes from 5 to 7 PM. The group is made up of accomplished fiddle students of Nikki Engstrom, an award-winning fiddler and a member of the Celtic duo Stanley and Grimm. The fiddlers range in age from young children to older adults and have a large repertoire of Celtic fiddle tunes.

The Art Market hosts a wide variety of artists, including visual artists, potters, fiber artists, illustrators, photographers, print makers, glass blowers, jewelers, authors and poets, and more.

Max Redfire Wheeler is one of the artists who regularly participate in the art market. An award-winning abstract artist and poet, Wheeler is also a photographer, taking pictures of the natural environment in Falmouth and Woods Hole, and has worked as a model and actor.

He has also written three books, the latest of which, “Garlic Toast: How I Became a Don,” is about one of his acting experiences. About 10 or 12 years ago, he performed Don Vito, the Godfather, in over 200 presentations of the dinner theater comedy, “The Wedding of Mario & Mary,” in cities from Danvers to Hyannis, Providence, Rhode Island, and towns in Connecticut.

“I had the role of the Godfather,” said Wheeler. “It was the only serious role, which was very funny to the audience because it was such a contrast to the rest of the characters.”

He noticed a group of audience members who treated him with great respect and later found out they were members of the Mafia who appreciated his portrayal of the Godfather.

“I didn’t fool around with the role or try to be Marlon Brando, with a mouthful of marbles,” said Wheeler. “They appreciated my respect for the Sicilian culture.

Half of the new book is devoted to his poetry: “Pasta al Dente” is a collection of poems provide “food for serious thoughts,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler is also the author of “Zen Popcorn,” a book of poetry illustrated with his gestural India ink drawings, and “Jeremy West” The Boy Who Fell Into the Sky,” a story about a boy who is taken into another dimension to help solve a problem.

For more information on the Falmouth Art Market, visit http://www.falmouthartmarket.com.

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